little rant i found in my computer from earlier this term…

i am tired or sick or both really, their combination, sick and tired of some people’s excessive exhibition of denial about dying.

Why as a designer should I be less intransigent? Who says designers have to be little sheep making pretty things? Well that may be because we are taught that, but I have met enough people, designers, student designers who care enough to want to change things. AND NO, NOT CREATE NEW FASHION TRENDS, NO THAT IS NOT CHANGING THE WORLD that’s shooting everyone in the country if not the world in the OTHER foot because we already shot ourselves in the first one.

It is indeed hard to talk about death. But we need to. Enough families have been affected, enough money is WASTED on people’s sorry asses in certain ICUs, it is REVOLTING as a matter of fact if you want to say I haven’t been in as tragic of a situation, you may be right but I still think I can “understand” ENOUGH not all, no, not all at all, but enough to have an understanding of what is at stake, ENOUGH to have heard ENOUGH testimonies about people dying and not telling their families, because they felt what, UNCOMFORTABLE?! WHAT THE FUCK!? YOU ARE DYING, you WILL BE DEAD! SO WHAT THE FUCK YOU CARE ABOUT BEING UNCOMFORTABLE?!

ENOUGH, enough I say of misinformed patients, doctors, care givers and care finders, ENOUGH!

ENOUGH of it all, because there is life, and life is beautiful, grand, gorgeous, and if you want to waste it in the end because you are too much of a COWARD, TOO BAD!

I’m sorry am I not selling my point well ENOUGH?! Oh, I beg your pardon, honestly, but you my friend if you are flustered by my indignation please understand that many other great and patient people have tried to address you in oh-so-accomodating terms, and you do nothing but grunt and whine. That is not fine! Go whine in your corner but here we live because we know we have a given amount of life and we want to cherish it and NOT tarnish it especially that of others by denying our own death.


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