On all the things I was “going” to say


I was walking off the bus and imagined all the things I would say on the blog, these seemingly glorious points I would make in a series of thought provoking posts. Then I had dinner, then I spoke to my father (skype), then I spoke to my mother (skype) then I sat at my computer and forgot.

But apparently, then I started writing and then I remembered. Somewhat, let’s give it a try.

I am currently working on a competition with a friend based on the premise of the relationship between tradition or culture and memories in general and how they affect one another.

The brief asks of the participants to be somewhat introspective or at least in the first place as to create in the end original yet somewhat relatable pieces.

As we brainstormed with my friend we came to the conclusion that we were the product of relatively diverse cultural backgrounds more often than not due to processes we hadn’t controlled.

This brought us to realize that the idea or concept of the “modern nomad” or “world citizen”, terms we hear more, which we both seemed to identify with to some extent, is affecting the development of culture all around the world.

If before and still nowadays the majority of people meet (even nomads) with in mind, the idea that they both have their own culture that represents them and that they will soon confront (not necessarily share or embrace) the other’s;

(tangent)I have had that many times as a “french boy” coming to the USA I was full of bias and pre-conceived notions about american culture and I seemed to be bombarded with just as much (if not more). Starting with: “DuUuUude is it true you guys don’t like, bathe and stuff?”(tangent)

well it seems like there is a significant increase in people picking and choosing from cultures and traditions they encounter.

And of course this phenomenon of adoption isn’t new, many individuals have been known for embracing the ways of other cultures, groups, however the fact is, that now it is done on a multitude of levels and a mind-blowing rate without us even realizing.

It is quite hard to give a strong tangible example since it remains a very involuntary act for me but it could range from deciding to learn how to cook recipes from around the world, to choosing your own religion to choosing “exotic” medical treatments to your subconscious relationship to things maybe if you were to ask your whole family, they’d say they don’t like the rain because it meant “gloomy days” where you come from but you do because you see it as a blessing like many others do.

This is in no way a perfect science or judgement, only sharing a point of view that I wish I could crystalize better (may be later) about the current global melting pot that is happening. Come to think about it I was always told growing up the USA were a melting pot because of all the opportunities they offer, it attracted individuals from all over the world; but I never felt like there really was any melting going on, just a lot of stuff kicking and screaming in the same stew. I guess that now we are looking at a genuine global melting pot, for the better or for the worst…


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