Point and shoot

How to resist not hunting down every one taking a photo in a touristic town like Melaka! I had a lot of fun, often times waiting for a minute or so for people to sort out their composition, or wait for others to move out “of the frame” it is really interesting to me to see how universal this process of point and shoot has become. I love imagining how it was done back in the day with old cameras, or when sets were built to emulate vacation settings.

Regardless of how much fun it was to be on constant lookout for snappers, by the end of the day after watching so many interesting little incidents such as: setting up the tripod, getting the children to pay attention, to give your bags to someone else so they don’t show in the photo, to put on your strap, to remind someone to put on the strap, to check the photos, to delete the ones you don’t need because you JUST ran out of space, I felt frustrated after not takeing them into account. I was looking for “recognizable” photos of point and shoot, which gave me an interesting assessment of stance, and other small components of point-and-shoot photo taking contexts and enough to infer about how the device affects these contexts, HOWEVER it made me want to address the process of photo taking (for tourists?) as a whole.

I’m sure there are plenty of spots in Singapore I can expand my research with… to be continued.


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