Loisir: leisure, spare time

Boy am I glad to speak french, or actually to have grown up with it. First of all there are arbitrarily appointed genders for everything from a pen to a window to a tomato. It seems that it adds a “je ne sais quoi”-esque flavor to life and the world surrounding us. The other reason why I decided to celebrate having been taught french as my mother tongue, is the word “loisir”. The most direct definition would point at being “leisure” which is quite accurate, I just like the way it is written better in french… Apart from that I just wanted to write a short ode to this word and what it stands for in my head.

I feel like “play” has been over-emphasized lately, many speakers have lined up to talk about play and its benefits, in terms of educational purposes, of communicational purposes, of all sorts of purposes, but putting it on a pedestal almost makes it seem like an exotic destination, which, as appealing as it may be (like dreamy sandy beaches in Hawaii?) still demands an undeniable degree of planning. However play, should be a mentality, a behavior, an attitude, embeded in our lives and our approach to life. Many times I have been called out for not taking things seriously enough, “Hugo is this a game to you?!” and I am sure this phrase has been thrown at or by everyone at least once in their modest human lives. But again I stand by making “play” an integral part of our lives rather than another “gadget” we can flash around when the time feels appropriate.

But Hugo you still say play AND your ode to “loisir” has yet to begin…

Thank you for reminding me dear little voice in the back of my head (tangent) I have had SO MANY TEACHERS claim this position for themselves, especially art teachers and their critiques: “guys I want you to have the little mini me on your shoulder, and for you to think ahead what I would think”, by now that little “mini me” on my shoulder has turned into a schizophrenic little voice struggling with all the voices of my teachers, peers, turn after turn, critiquing my actions and decisions(tangent) however I am right where I want to be. I think play is as I said well on its way to being ostracized like sadly in many cases being “nice”, being “rude”, being “selfish” have been, turning them into disconnected emotions we CONSCIOUSLY summon based on the current situation.

So I would like to advocate leisure rather than play. Upholding a “leisur-ed” lifestyle means allowing our imagination (yes we ALL have imagination) be a fully respected and integrated part of our daily actions: decision-making, life-sensing (seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, touching your surroundings), communicating among other things.

I think this is the true essence of this blog, “on wearing socks among other things” means enjoying the tangible feeling socks may bring but also everything such a simple, amorphous, and insignificant item can inspire.

To close this little prosaic ode, a new series of photos on play and leisure. Enjoy, and GOOD NIGHT!


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