Power of ten

Hello to all, my classes are finally figured out and… I HAVE TO BEEN THIS EXITED ABOUT SCHOOL IN TWO YEARS! anyways, here is the introduction to the first project I would like to share:

10 – Sampling Typography

The project is a rather simple exploration of “applied typography” where we are asked to look for examples of typography around us as a way to make us aware of its plethora of uses. The only requirement is to bring in 10 samples of our encounters with type per week. I decided as a small constraint to make it into a sort of puzzle game and use letters/words/phrases (perhaps with some personal tweaking?) and piece the samples together into fragmented quotes from texts I love. This is a way to brush up on my literature and to have a little extra fun, keep you posted.

first one is a decasyllabic verse from a Pablo Neruda – Sonnet XVII, it has many translations however and often varies in form:

“so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep”

I fell in love with this poem in middle school when I first watched Patch Adams (Patch Adams excerpt). I only discovered the original version several years later when I tried using it… Regardless, this line specifically crystalizes a sort of ideal in living life by embracing our surroundings and those who inhabit them, one where through words, creations, meditation, emotions, I could “merge” with other beings, things, or space (again this is an ideal) and affect or be affected by them.


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