Do I really need to pee?!

Here I am glad to finish my day of classes, ready to do some intense homework at a cafe table, away from school, away from home and……… BAM,

“Hugo, my bladder utters, you my friend, need to pee.”

“No problem, I mentally reply, I’ll go right now!”

I head over to the doorway in the back of the cafe only to be called upon by another voice, this one is from a peer human however…

“Sir, we have no restrooms here, is that what you are looking for?”


I think: I go relax AWAY from school, AWAY from home, in a cafe without toilets… Oh world how cruel yet funny you can be! So I decided to face it, to hold it, and to write about it, a way to “face the facts.”


Anyways apart from this little incident, more work to come tonight!


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