On aiming


It has been a little while indeed. I keep wanting to stop by and never fully make time for it. Now I have a little bit of it but putting myself on the spot is limiting. I feel less ready to write.

Do you need a target to aim?

Over the past few weeks I have been faced with the vicious, tormenting, infuriating task of managing time. Managing time?! Don’t you do that… all… the… time? Hehe, well, I would like to re-phrase: managing time EFFICIENTLY.

Oh god. it’s the EF’ word! I hate the concept efficiency! I don’t, but I hate its connotation, I have that it is so often misinterpreted for “power,” “production,” “push,” “proactive;” so many P words… (tangent) Is it a coincidence that the male reproductive organ’s name begins with a p as well?(tangent) Instead, I’d like to remind myself and others that efficiency is a RATIO and not an absolute value of production. It is a balance of a myriad of inputs and outputs. Moreover it is always subject to interpretation, and that is NORMAL. So I may think I work too little or too much when my co-worker has a different opinion about my efficiency, well wonderful, it is then time to share how we both came to that conclusion. There is a great margin in terms of right and wrong when judging efficiency.

That being said, I would like to address my own efficiency  if that is possible. In order to efficiently conduct such a monumental task, I may have to fly over a couple of concepts.

So I will focus on efficiency with direct regards to time. Well one thing I realized is I can’t bend time just yet, and I am not sure I want to (because trust me if I did want to, well I would!). It seems to me that efficiency is a lot like playing Tetris while building your own blocks, so as you are falling you are constantly re-evaluating the shape of the task you are at, and how much room (in terms of time) it will take.

Then the other part to efficiency is efficiently GOING somewhere or somehow, it’s a minimum of structure. Hence: “aiming” rather than “target.” Ultimately, you can “efficiently” fit ONE Tetris block next to another, but the thrill, the pleasure of efficiently doing something, will come from managing a series of blocks and arranging them into a SERIES of  intermingled blocks varying in shape and size. After the end of a game, the series should have a spirit, a common thread. One of course could be a perfect track to the highest score, WOOHOO congrats! But so what? Another way would be to have perhaps missed a couple of occasions but having a beautiful pattern. Or completely loosing, but having one tall (as tall as the screen) tower of blocks. This second set of solutions is achieved my (a bit like Conditional Design, or Fluxus art) having a set direction, and going with the flow.

Efficiency is therefore taking into consideration achieving a significant output with as low input as possible, but should be considered null if the output does not yield (even in the slightest degree) certain notions such as, happiness, enrichment, peace, comfort (real comfort, one that EXPANDS your comfort zone and not thicken its walls), and chocolate (sorry, my fingers slipped).


Managing time efficiently is the same, it is just as much about how a deadline is reached  as it being reached. Deadlines, yield grades and/or paychecks which are there to provide incentives to conduct or learn how to conduct “efficiently”  all sorts of tasks (also non-appealing ones) that keep modern society running. However they rarely take into consideration WHY keep a society moving, and where it should be moving to. It is up to its constituents to give it a direction through their emotions, desires, joys, love and chocolate (sorry again).

I just realized I talked about something slightly different from what I had in mind, but oh well, I am glad I got this out. Don’t hesitate to comment, ask, yell, curse!




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