Special workspace: Bring in the beaaaasttssss!!!!!!

Beasts? Yes. Beasts. After a month and a half of meeting outdoors in farmers’ markets, our Industrial Design Research Group (oulahlah) had to transition to a more “confined environment to pursue the analysis of our inquisitive endeavors (oulahlah #2). But no. By the end of the brainstorming process (divided over the course of two meetings) we were ON THE FLOOR rolling around, or at least close to it (hence the beast name calling). Fortunately this yielded great insights that I will not share just yet, but you wait and see!!

Oh by the way we also managed to organize a game of tag with a bunch of sleep deprived young adults (the class) most of which at first were refusing to: “Jaja no way I’m not in kindergarden anymore!” To me if you state the obvious, it is in no way innocent, it actually may mean there could still be some convincing to be done… Just saying…


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