On Idealism

It’s been a while since I’ve typed anything on here, there has been a long term and a long recovery.

This time, I would like to dive back into the routine of posting regularly by starting with the notion of idealism as a tool, and a chain, but also as a personal fear.

I decided to log onto wordpress and type a little after having wandered around on NOTCOT, Designboom, and finally stumbling upon a design conference called DESIGN INDABA.

Since 1995, Design Indaba has been committed to a vision that is built on the belief that creativity will fuel an economic revolution in South Africa.

From an aspiring designer’s standpoint is very exiting. It shows that many individuals (enough to organize, and attend since 1995) believe that “creativity” can help solve nearly everything…

Is that true?

I loved to think it did, that it could, until I saw how a “leading design school” (I am only talking about the major I know, product design) actually taught. Now I have doubts, but it often seems doubts are heavier than hope or belief, and the intense desire for an artificial, sleek finish to be slapped on a “cool/creative” concept has gotten me a bit sick of my own major.

I know I have only gotten few comments, but again I would greatly appreciate a bit of “wood” for the dwindling fire-place that is the hope in me. So comments, links, inputs, insights, anything and everything is most welcome!


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