Just recently I have been trying to immerse myself more significantly into the realm of make-DIY-hacker culture(s). To do so I… can you guess? Looked it up on Wikipedia, precisely! And found that there were two main “hacker-spaces” around L.A.: Crashspace and Null Space Labs.

So I decided to go visit them. For now I have yet to visit the second one, but I have to say the first one was in itself a very fun and refreshing experience.

I went for what was called “Hand-made instruments 3.0.”

There, as I walked in, I was surprised by the age group which at first (my friend and I were a bit early) seemed a bit older than I expected: 50s-60s some 40s. Later on in the evening though I was amazed to notice the age GAP which seems to be a somewhat “accurate” depiction of the “maker population”: the rest were in their twenties! I am sure there were a few exceptions but apparently it is a recurring trend, most 30-50s don’t have the time!

Apart from that, I met amazing people both for their extensive knowledge but also for their characters. Work ranged from singing chess pieces to portable-Nitendo DS-synthesizers along with engine-based DJ turn tables.

My vague depiction is on purpose, it hopes naively to embrace the magic of the event.


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