Yesterday I visited an amazing facility in Orange County (about an hour and a half from Pasadena) for one of my classes. We visited what is considered to be the Orange County Branch Goodwill Headquarters. The brief is incredibly exiting: since Goodwill stores in that area just got a bit of rebranding, we were asked to apply this mindset to the way the store is “experienced.”

What you will notice in the photos is that Goodwill has an amazing set of facilities: once donations are received they price them and set them up on the shelves, if possible, then if those products don’t go in two weeks, they are put on sale by 50%. If they don’t leave in another week, they are either dismantled there (electronics especially),or auctioned off by the pound if they are clothing or recycled, or donated. It was magical to see that there are solutions for sustainable recycling currently being tested. Plus, I hadn’t realized that they constantly try to provide employment for people with all sorts of disabilities.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one to be unaware of the extent of their efforts, hence their project offer to Art Center. Our role will be to use the raw materials made available from their recycling to display, express, liven their efforts.

Pure Excitement!

PS: about excitement, I found it pretty funny yesterday to witness the introductions everyone (myself included) provided when we encountered the Goodwill staff. Everyone spoke one after the other to introduce themselves and after the third person, this trend appeared: EVERYONE mentionned how they were “exited” one way or another: I find helping people exiting, I’m exited about store retailing, I find material upcycling exiting… By the time it almost got to me I thought to myself “hehe I’m going to be a smart-*ss and NOT say I’m exited…” Pfff, yea right I chickened out and did it all the same…


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