On bearings

How do you create bearings for oneself? I am currently learning a few “languages”: metal working, processing/arduino, art “analysis” and entrepreneurialism, and I feel lost. Each language is hustling with the other for a minute of my time and I am equally interested in each.

I thought (and so far it is working) writing about it may work. Therefore, this post will be a LIVE brainstorming session!

The first step is to frame the problem and its implications:

I am learning a lot of NEW concepts that demand time to fully or successfully assimilate. At the same time, I have a limited availability of time, most of which is late at night, when I am tired, unmotivated, and worried about getting sleep. There may be another set of factors I haven’t thought about yet: endurance, there is a consistent decrease in “optimal” personal motivation. Moreover the sense of “self-actualization” seems to die a little more every week as I get deeper into the temporal jungle that is an Art Center term.

The second on would be to brainstorm about key words/notions which will help do more open-minded and insightful research:

task management, pitstop, journey, odyssey, marathon, challenge, breathing,lung, blood circulation, flow, organization, prioritization, jungle, ropes vs walk, elevation,  beaten path, OFF BEATEN PATH, clairvoyance, owl, night, fog, cloud, sticky, friction (loss of speed), disorientation, steering, availability, escape, intangible, trap, timer, breaking out of prison, breaking, piecing together, resuscitate, alive, phoenix, joy, pacing, rhythm, rough sea, deep see diving, surfacing, concentration

Quick analysis – this led me to understand I wanted to look for ways to go in and out of a routine (which may seem a bit expected) SO it is important to start defining what a routine is for me. Taking the example of the jungle as a metaphor for the notion of routine is a less expected definition, so I will briefly try to ladder in on myself and understand what I mean:

JUNGLE: the jungle is a NONDESCRIPT environment in which lay many threats murmuring around me as I walk through it . It seems that with time I could use the sounds to my advantage, with commitment, with concentration, but then I start wondering if I am concentrating on the RIGHT, most eminent threat… and then I don’t travel much further in the jungle. I think it is important to accept focusing on a skill set or one source of information, for instance understanding the language of the birds in that jungle which could then help me understand what is going on in the surrounding environment, or learning to read plants can become a versatile resource of food and understanding the over-arching framework of the jungle. When I thought of the jungle analogy, I was also thinking of climbable trees which allow access to a new perspective at any point in time.

The third one is to do some research: but I won’t. I got to a very valuable position where I was able to better grasp my fears and concerns, in a world as beautiful and overwhelming as a jungle might be.

I wrote this two days ago, and in doing so I cleared my mind and realized that I had to increase my FOCUS on each languages, even if it means covering less ground but comprehending it properly (cramming adds tremendous unnoticeable clutter to the brain, avoid it at all costs!), but also to make sure I granted myself time to appreciate my surroundings, “learn them” so I can be as resourceful as possible when threatened my…daaaaaanger!

As frightening as a jungle may be… a jungle is &#%!!@ MIND-BLOWINGLY BEAUTIFUL and worth being grateful for being in.


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