Working with Goodwill

This term has been an incredible series of events in the Goodwill course. We started by doing a bit of research, which led to a series of insights. The experience of cross-pollinating and then re-organizing the research insights from the various groups was quite new and to say the least, refreshing. I have often found myself limited or frustrated in CHOOSING a topic or direction, alone in front of a computer. This time, being able to benefit from everyone else’s perspective led me to a very interesting direction. (Image 1)


Working in a group is also incredibly exiting, for the same reasons. In the second image, you see photos we took in two stores arrange on an imaginary matrix from LARGE / BIG PICTURE fixture on the left to detailing of the fixture engineering on the right and then dividing those from FRONT end of the store and the BACKSTAGE because we are trying to improve the visual narrative which links the front end and back end of the GOODWILL SERVICE. (Image 2)


The fun begins! Our main direction (I don’t like the term “concept” because it singles one direction and isolates it from a WOOOOOOOOORLD of possibilities) is to play with the VISUAL TOPOGRAPHY the store fixtures provide to generate a more holistic feel while addressing the VISUAL CLUTTER. Here you see three key levels of display/fixtures being displayed: low/ sitting ground, eye-level, top, Wall? (Image 3)



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