Entrepreneurial Spirit Final – Where are the ethics…?

This is my final… I have to say it was a great class but sadly, it led to a great disappointment: I found some of the venture capitalists I met during my final full of great intentions but often quite naive. I will elaborate later but the bottom line for me is to say: NO, your way, “entrepreneurial spirit,” “free market,” is not the ONLY way to life, it DOES HURT many people who do not have the same means or, simply do not CARE for the same things!

NB: 12 4 12 was a web-hub to offer to visitors an “array” of charities they would donate to for 12 months… the class was devided into 5 groups in which we all tried to make the most realistic proposal as possible to bring it to reality.

My group and I created the final offer of “charity playlists” as a way to test my audience, to see if anyone called my group and I out for being cold-hearted and seeing people’s misery as the equal of a couple of songs on itunes or spotify. But they didn’t, they said it was a fair fight… I disagree, any thoughts?


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