Intro to Japanese 101

Hello, I arrived yesterday in Tokyo and thought a bit of sharing would be highly appropriate.

Last night, around 1 AM I landed in a little inn, my shoulders on the verge of being dismantled by the few bags I had been carrying for several hours as I got lost in (and outside) Tokyo. That is however besides the point! BECAUSE I landed in a little inn spread over ten floors of shared rooms. Shared rooms? Yes, lovely little dormitories filled with unknown strangers. I tiptoed as stealthily as a mountain of two twenty kilos bag can and found my bed, number 1006.

In the morning I met my coinciding-bed-neighbor Rodrigo, a teacher from a brazilian city located right outside of San Paulo. After a few minutes of expected mutual inquiries he says: “I am going to the Tsukiji Fish Market in only ten minutes because I am running a bit late, care to join?” I said yes and then thought I should ask what time it was… 5 AM.

At 6AM I was glutinously experiencing one of the most miraculously simple breakfasts I had yet to have: fresh sashimi, tea and miso soup.

Later we walked to the Meiji Shrine on the opposite side of Tokyo. In a meditative effort I started sketching, early enough to finish before being instructed that holly sanctuaries do not appreciate sketching (open to discussion: can drawing be a meditative process? please comment!!)

Enjoy the photos! And comments are most welcome, especially if you would like to request a photo of something I can find for you 🙂 !


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