Over the past few days, visiting craftsmen, Japan and its culture, have led to an effervescent overspill of thoughts on… making and its relationship to being, to existing. I consciously refuse to say “existentialism” so you can KEEP READING THE POST without getting scared away or dismissing it. I am struggling with the thought in the deepest of ways but have found few people to open to about it. If you would like to explore this more with me PLEASE contact me by commenting or by email.
The goalie, is perhaps a new archetype to be added to the twelve already sitting in their throwns. I listened to a podcast from Radiolab a while back where they drew similarities between people, relatively famous people, who had pronounced in their work a strong concern for care, common sense, these words are very inaccurate I am only paraphrasing, maybe I will find a better one later in. In a way, all of these characters, Camus, for instance, displayed qualities close to that of a goalie in a soccer team: guarding. But the guarding must be taken to a much more subjective level, the guarding falls between the caregiver and the sage if I were to use the the existing Jungian archetypes. In that sense like a goalie, these people are put, or put themselves into a situation of obvious disadvantage, but of the utmost importance, one that is unquestionably required: to be the last line of defense.

The analogy was taken much, much further, exploring how a goal can only gain something, numbers, stats by losing, and that they are in a way expected to fail, again I am breezing over it, without making it much justice, GO LISTEN TO IT!

And then come back to this post. It seems this world, our society and its relationship to capitalism and “free market” share many, many, many, many, many, similarities with the SOCCER GAME.

The following statements directly pulled from my amateur understanding of soccer may “hurt” a few readers, I apologize in advance and welcome any corrections.

The soccer game is about a team effort, well translated in the foosball table. We may also find a strong focus on what is called the offense and defense. You have midfielders, defenders, and each is given a scope of action. If any of these points seem unclear, think of the foosball table. Each participant has a relatively precise role with some overlap in-between roles.


Sorry I will come down. I am now calm. Please proceed.

At the same time one may say well…. we have to score, we have to compete, the game has to be understandable enough to beginners. Ok, got it. You’re right there are other sports in the sea. I mean, fish in the sea.

Indeed there are other games, other sports and that I am truly grateful for.

But where is the variety in economico-politico-ecosystems? One country may have a monarchy and another a “republic” but to me those are like differentiating jerseys. There is only one truly recognized macro economic model accepted: capitalism, the free market.

Free? Imagine if we only were aloud to play soccer… Imagine if we could only play in the street with a crappy soda can an imitation of soccer and not other sport? What about marathons? dodgeball, baseball, water polo, kickboxing? Some use balls, some don’t some are on land, some aren’t.

Let’s now look at money as the ball in soccer, governments as teams, goals as… hmm, goals as AAA ratings? Victories as? Defeats as?

Well maybe we can simply focus on the ball, on money. Is forcing a sailing team to compete with a soccer ball fair? or does it even HAVE A POINT?! No, I don’t think so, I disagree, I despise the idea.

Over the centuries sports, financial systems and governments have evolved, some like marathons have survived the test of time, it doesn’t mean they were “better” simply more easily embraced, but are they the most fun, or enriching, or exiting for everyone, do they have to be for everyone?

My “Entrepreneurial Spirit” teacher, Errol Gerson told me the free market is amazing because it empowers people. If you care, have faith and work hard you can “get the ball and score.” But for what? (This is where the existentialism kicks in) For a victory? Perhaps in soccer but in life, how does that improve quality of life for oneself and generations to come?

Running with the ball is one thing, but I want a world where we can have as many interrelated economical systems as we need to help communities create, grow, explore as much as we help the same communities be entertained through a multitude of sports, shows, operas and games.

I think culture-makers, through craft, design, art, and the mediums of sound, movement, color, taste, touch, space and time and whichever ones we may encounter in the future must shift from having a majority of players attacking with the ball, wether they are attackers or defenders, to goalies who can appreciate the beauty of a good save rather than a miraculous goal.


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