they have spoken



After posting these faces, Angela decided to do a little writing:

(Numbers correspond with the order of photos in the carousel.)

#1 Darling

The sun looks at me everyday. Never wavering.

The way I was built, I’m not really sure if I was made to be stared at in such a way. I feel that I am attractive enough, and have been made over several times, but the constant traffic, of people coming and going, has left me weathered.

My eyes are a little rusty and my lips have molded into a permanent pucker, and wrinkles are beginning to show.

But still the sun looks, at me (!) with all the imperfect little cracks on my face.

Everyday, I am grateful for the gaze of the sun.

#2 (little) Scenic World (borrowed from Beirut)*

(In Swedish)


you know what? i kind of like you.

you look nice.

and i like your nose. my nose is a little funny, but i guess that happens. i just turned twelve the other day, so i’m pretty happy about that.

yeah? you can tell?

yeah, it was great. so many people showed up! i mean, i’ve seen a lot of people show up for birthdays in the back cabins. yeah, yeah, those are really crazy. babies, big people, families, couples, sometimes some sad singles trickle in too accidentally, lots of people. you know, the ones i feel for sorry for are the ones in the very front. you know, ‘cuz there’s not a lot of them, and they’re kind of spread apart more, and not a lot of people ever show up for their birthdays. yeah, it’s too bad. or maybe their birthdays are more exclusive? i don’t know.

yeah, yeah, i’ve met a lot of people. yeah, it’s a part of my line of work i guess, meeting people. sometimes they’re kind of quiet, and sometimes they’re just kind of crazy. the worst are the ones who just kind of plop down and knock out. i mean, who does that, right? it’s so rude!

yeah (chuckles) i’m a pretty happy one. we’re all actually pretty happy. the only time we’re not as happy is when our noses get twisted. that’s annoying, but it only ever happens once in a while and it’s usually not long.

well, it’s kind of uncomfortable and it leaves us feeling congested for a while.

to be continued…

#3 Orange Clockwork in the Streets

“Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising visit?”


(Munch, munch, munch.) Hmmm…

#5 Wallflower

Stuck in a corner, no one ever notices me. And I’m never able to notice anyone. I have terrible peripheral vision, but my sense of smell is fantastic!


Ya know, people are always tellin’ me I look like a somebody. Well, they’re right, but it’s frustratin’ I tell ya!

Ya wanna know who I look like? C’mon, say it. Ya know, I know, the world knows, and the world loves the lil’ guy. (That lil’ conniving piece of crap…)

WALL-E! Aw-right? Yeh, him. Well, I’ll tell ya this. I’m THAT guy’s cousin. Don’t get fooled by his eco-friendly, hoity-toity image on the screen. Ooooh no, before that, before Pixar picked him up, he was just a guy like me. Sittin’ and rustin’ it out here everyday. Now he don’t even show up ’round here no more. What a piece of junk!

He actually looks more like me, ya know. Bettah lookin’ in poi-sen. They made him look silly in the film. And they dubbed him with that voice! Oh man, oh yeah, big time silly. He definitely didn’t sound like THAT when he was around these pah-ts of the city. Harharhar.

That EVA chick, she was cute though. I liked her. Tough cookie.

#6 This City is Filled With Concrete Droids Who Might or Might Not Be Planning Island Domination

(In Japanese)




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