Festival at Tamabi

Only now do I realize how the week flew by as I post photos of last weekend. It seems the term is an endless corrida where the week is a bull charging towards you, one you can hopefully dodge just enough. Enough to be able to stare at it in the eyes and tempt it again during the weekend. The weekends have become centered around “stopping time” or slowing down, knowing they will woosh by once more the following monday.

Last week there was a festival at Tamabi called Geisai. The campus came alive for three days with three main parts: students selling goods, any goods they created, a lot of jewelry and drawings, another part was a giant stage, where photos were not aloud, and the last one was the rest of the school where students had set up little cabins where they played music or sold food.

The atmosphere was exiting, rejuvenating, thank you Tamabi.


2 thoughts on “Festival at Tamabi

  1. woow great!!! Hugo can you send me all those photo@s you have here on the page?? I have nothing from the festival, was too drunk sunday to think of taking pictures..

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