I got L.O.S.T.

Lateral Operations Sever Tenacity.

In other words I muddled, puddled and fluddled, cruddled and wuddled for a good part of the week. And then CRUDDLED. I praise the american language for its expressiveness: though red dashed lines bellow a few of the -uddled words I just used are begging me to “correct my error,” they precisely reflect the gooey -uddliness of the past few murky days.

I have been toe deep in a software called grasshopper, but I feel as neck deep as I can possibly imagine myself: it works and refuses to work almost magically.

Anyways, the reason I got lost however is that I realized (IN TIME! YES! HOPEFULLY) that I almost give in, surrender to the software as a way to praise the fact that it’s “impacting my work,” so it can leave a visible trace in my piece… Unfortunately I got a bit carried away and the work ended up looking pryiling-ly meaningless…

A bit of WIP attached.




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