3 videos of joy/process/celebration

1. I often forget for a moment why the WINDMACHINE we created uses a wacom pen rather than an arduino chip and the response is quite simple: first off, that’s what we had at hand at the moment, but second of all, as you can see from this earlier prototype video, the brushing is much more expressive. Here the wind is moving the brush and I was trying to hold the board at different heights.

2. Taking the HIGH WIND pieces out of the machine, as you can see they are one FULL piece which then breaks from being weakened by the interpretation of the wind

3. This is about pushing the threshold one might say. I love the idea of working in a shared space because it helps ideas cross-pollinate but you also see the threshold and limits of people surrounding you, reminding you that yes, they are vulnerable like you. Yuki was tired that day.


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