On dress codes

adeo 5

Recently, I was told that for my final ‘project presentation’ I should dress like a designer. I was even more recently told that it was ‘ok’ for me to wear red pants because I was a designer, but otherwise, it would’ve been unacceptable.

Why do dress codes still so tight? Stuck up? Why are so many designers so stuck up about not seeming stuck up? How can we pretend to be creative, free, open and outside of the box when so much is told and exchanged through a few, shallow sets of symbols. But that’s besides the point, I understand the value of a dress code. It gives a sense of belonging, of legitimacy (often falsely so) and confidence. But they are SO LIMITED. So, dull in my eyes.

At the same time, I like to think it’s a good screen, I would hate to have to work for or with someone who were to stop at a pair of red pants.


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