Les Insurrections Singulières – by Jeanne Benameur

I checked it does not exist in english, yet. Yet? Yet.

It is a book with a relatively linear plot where the main character, who works in a factory is sent on ‘compulsory leave’ for a week. During this drastic rupture from his routine, he stumbles upon new things, new ideas, memories, stuff.

The book, follows him as he is separated from the numbing grip of  the factory and a romantic relationship. I say “is separated” because you quickly realize that he watches his life take place more than he actually navigates it. Until, until he finds the desire for things to change.

I took the liberty to select a few passages which I illustrated, but also will try to translate to the best of my ability. WARNING I paraphrase a lot, hence the ( ).


Les Insurrections Singulières / Already has a double meaning, can be read as The Peculiar Insurrections and individual insurrections (I like the first one best, that’s why picked it up from the bookstore table)



“Now, here, in the small bed, I wait for night to fall taking away my questions, leaving me alone with Karima’s scent. Every evening I re-invent her. (…) I reminisce my father’s scaled (boat) models in his hands. Can we only dream to the size of the palms of our hands?



“You are paraded, the american way, and you are proud, for a while, as your portrait sits in a frame on the wall. Your knowledge has been recognized! It’s even going to help others! (…)

It could be a beautiful sight in a world that didn’t let making money come before everything else again and again! (What you don’t realize is that now, you are worthless, now you’ll be laid off next. It’s just a bait.)



“Is (Wealth) that sensation of becoming precious yourself, because you are given the right to touch something precious?

–quick note– by the end of the book, I felt like I had been given “precious thoughts” hence the title appearing on this one–


“(The word “childhood”) is a very convenient tool for muting our desires (In other words, each time we say ‘when I was young, I used to… we are repressing some of our deepest desires)'”


FOUR MORE EXCERPTS COMING SOON, please comment on them, I’d love to hear what you think of them.


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