ce soir

Some days are meant to be typed about and typed with. It is banana in hand at two thirty in the morning that I decide to make yesterday one of these days. It’s two thirty. An hour ago I biked for another hour along the Seine, through Paris. The lights on the water like sirens promising and enchanting yet unreachable world. Banana in hand because I am hungry. Banana in hand for no good reason.

I was on a bike, more than I was actually biking because I had let my day slip into the night; past the curfews imposed by the parisian metros. I had done so in order to watch a movie which had been a pleasant surprise. Often a bit melodramatic.

The decision to see it was a side effect of yet again having missed by a day a screening of another movie I had decided to go see hoping it might be appreciated by the person I was seeing it with.

Before that I had, for lunch, a gorgeous plate of sun and couscous.

I hope you see the immensity of the sun in the contrast between the ranging expansiveness of the end of my day and its core.

The attached photos are not placebos, fetichisable pixels to keep you in your seat scrolling down the page, they are invitations to imagine what beauty these moments might have been and for you to come see for yourself.



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