A beautiful world


As the silhouettes sit amidst the darkness at a bus stop, a bright yellow “car lock” screams its presence at the viewer. What happened?

The car lock lays, broken, as if defeated by public transportation. It screams from the depth of its loneliness: “What am I to do now? There are no more cars to immobilize, to lock down. What will I do with my life!?” It tries desperately to show how YELLOW it can be. But no one will listen. Or hear. No one. Now that cars have disappeared from Paris… It has become obsolete…

Or perhaps, it has nothing to do with the bus stop. Notice how it’s genuinely broken? Perhaps it’s crying over “the one that got away,” a car that might have driven off too fast, crushing its grasp. “I never meant to hurt you. I just wanted to hold you, a bit of warmth was all I wanted. A friend, a lover, you. Was I a burden?”

So many possibilities…


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