The beauty of doubt


Sharks are known for being in constant motion, forward motion (except for when they decide to find a cure for Alzheimer), I don’t apologize for the dubious pun coming your way, but I did want to give you a heads up: have SH-ARKS gotten their name from their ability to silence the darkness, the doubt in them and around them? have they been able to (punchline coming up…) SH-USH the D-ARK, hence the contraction SHARK?


All puns aside there is in my eyes a beauty to doubt that seems to have little room in this world. Doubt is often romanticized in movies as the hero must choose between two possibilities (unless his name is Abed and simultaneously lives in two worlds).


Doubt means alternatives, diversity. But sadly not completely. It evokes the idea of diversity but only tangibly becomes so when in the face of these alternatives one person goes a certain way another is able to go about a different one. Only there can diversity be ‘observed,’ experienced, felt.


Do sharks ever doubt? Are they simply fast decision-makers?




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