Emp-ty is too full of a word to speak of such a concept. As bodies deteriorate, they do not empty, they emp- away. They flush away in a whisper: “Emmmpppssss….” If you think about it, the “teeeee” sound at the end of the word, is only there for linguistic and structural purposes: it’s easier to say “empTY buildings” than “emps buildings”.

I am not fully serious, nor am I fully joking.

As one starts to lose control of their body, they realize it’s been a lie, they’ve simply gained in clairvoyance: they never had control, they see the(ir) teeth fall, the(ir) guts crawl, the(ir) skin flake, peel, they feel the “emps” flutter away leaving plain void. They feel a void.

But are we bound to be fundamentally empty or is it the other way? Envelope-free, do we not ooze out into infinity? We are just as full, never empty, full of the universe, undifferentiated, infiltrated into the cosmos.

A zombie is a creature caught in a dreadful of process, a frightening emancipation of the soul from its body. So frightening that the poor being becomes numb, it mutes its soul, and waits for the visceral deluge to end. Emmmmpppppsssssss… Turning oneself into a zombie is a common reaction to stress many of us resort to nowadays, sometimes by choice, and other times it simply falls upon us.


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