Facebook hack

It’s not a code hack, but a hack nonetheless. At the same time I dislike calling this a “hack” because it makes “hacking” more and more of a spectacle, a common thing, a buzz word (judging by the TED talks of self proclaimed RENAISSANCE HACKERS), soon to be commoditized, instead of being an act of free will, an exhibit of free spirit. Banter aside, I give you the (drumroll) Facebook hack.

A year or so ago, I took a few of my friends’ profile pictures (drag and drop onto my desktop) and then pasted a photo of myself on it. I then asked them to “update” their photos. I was surprised by how willing they were to play along.

In the end however it ended feeling like the farce was turning into an awkward public inside joke: I knew my friends, they knew me, the “updated” their profile pages because they thought it was funny, but in the end no one else (and that’s what, on average 500 FB friends per person?) got it if they didn’t know me. Anyways I wonder what would happen if you re-iterated the process and then placed a more iconic element onto the photos i.e. a troll face…


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