seems like we should all have a couple of words we hold dear, we hold sacred, we protect. today so many branding efforts and ad campaigns use “word from the everyday of the ‘people’ ” that they all lose meaning. nothing new indeed, commodification has been around for a while now but it seems a simple form of passive resistance would be to, thus, chose several words that we protect from generalization, that we try to use only when MOST necessary.

mine would be:

play, home, disruptive.

these three i hold dear, and i hear being overused far too much:

“playful design” “kid’s like to play” “serious play”

“home coffee” (where the “baristas”, complete strangers, will tell you “welcome home!”)

“disruptive innovation” “disruptive product” “disruptive idea”


the first one to me is meant to be used a lot, but not in a commercial context WHATSOEVER.

the second should never be part of an ad or branding its application should be immense: a shelter, a land, a room, an idea, a group of people can all be homes and it’s important to reserve a word for them

the third one is only to be used in hind sight, in retrospect, “2010 was a disruptive year”, “the internet wasn’t that disruptive”


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