it seems there are a lot of things we don’t plan for. graduating was one of those. I cot into college trusting a system without fully realizing how much it was costing me, my parents or my peers. and now I am graduating. tomorrow I start my final term after doing an extra year of what might be considered “hanging out” around campus. in those five (meant to be four) years, I meant a million people and it feels I was just about as many, every two months my outlook on something seems to take a drastic change, enough for me to look back at… a week ago and feel as if I were patronizingly nodding as a teenager fumbles with life. Pimples and all.

Tomorrow is the last deck handed. Five classes in which I will be expected to “find” myself. half of which will address how to be a genuine, powerful, conscious amendment to this world and the world of design. Something that now seems like a joke when two months ago I wasn’t sure I was worth it…

When did school become about defining yourself when you have explored nothing? When did affirmation outrun question? When? It feels like the sense of professionalism my school wishes to embed us with (as unnatural as it sounds) is a mere joke. a 45000 dollars hoax per year.

Then again I may be wrong.


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