mission statement

trying to figure out how to describe my work… any ideas, feedback, which one responds to you?


Tool making
See things happen

I live to see things happen. To see algorithms unfold, strangers talk, cities be walked in, thoughts come to life. I live to see how many different ways can things come alive in.

This often and mostly means creating tools, places, spaces for others to then reappropriate, adapt, transform. There is nothing more magical than to be part of such an organic process of creation.

Poking at the unknown is a sensitive issue. But a fun one. No debate there.

Uncertainties, doubts, fears will often team up to get in the way of our aspirations. Design has allowed me to build tools and develop habits for myself and others to take the edge off of the process of inquiry and to make it more actionable: prototyping, role playing, generative research.
I live to see things happen, come to life, especially if it brings a refreshing twist on things and lemons.

Objects of our everyday deserve to have a life of their own. To mingle with one another, interact, and transform. That’s how it is with nature why not the humans’ contribution to this world? Thoughts are much better at traveling, transforming, why not objects?

My process focuses on asking such questions using ambiguous, often inconsequential objects, getting people to make together and generative design research. In each of those I aim to provide tools for myself and others to challenge our understanding of our surroundings.

Who better than a mirror-mirror on the wall to give us a reality check?

Some days I sit at my desk and politely ask for it to come alive. I tickle it, growl at it but it’s never quite responded to my invitation. I’m sure one day it will, in the mean time I strive to pull reality one step closer to my daydreams. Objects are meant to mingle amongst themselves, surprise us, help us, challenge us and live a life of their own. I’d like to help them.


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