Here, is a collection of things, samples, ideas and thoughts like many other in form but hopefully unique in content where I (hugo) get to dissect, digest, observe and share in public all sorts of things that surround me.

My intention though was to give myself a little break from trying to make things look nice, right, organized and structured, and to just produce/give.

“Each well-weighed word is futile and soul-saddening!


All, all, all, whatever
That came to me, e’en as they came, I’d fling them
In a wild cluster, not a careful bouquet.”


But why the socks?

The socks are there to symbolize things that are ignored when properly done and frowned upon when out of order. Good design has often been about having beautiful (witty?) matching socks.

Jonathan Ive in Objectified says: “it feels almost inevitable, almost undesigned and it feels almost, like of course it is that way. Why would it be any other way?”

I think it’s great that certain products aspire to provide services like that where user experience is made into this fluid intuitive experience, many situations are so complicated and stressful that people going through them deserve such services, but when it comes to lifestyles, that also chokes creativity, limits ones vision of acceptable, do-able, correct, appropriate…

This blog may just be here to indirectly advocate mismatching socks, and discovering when it is appropriate to do so.



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